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Dr. Jonathan C. Mills is a board-certified Otolaryngologist-Head & Neck Surgeon (Ear, Nose & Throat doctor). His passion is helping those who suffer from chronic sinus disease. He specializes in innovative and minimally invasive procedures for the nose, sinuses and Eustachian tubes. Whereas many of these procedures have historically been performed in the operating room, newer techniques have allowed these procedures to be performed safely and comfortably under local anesthesia in the office. Dr. Mills proudly offers these convenient and cost-saving options to his patients. 

Dr. Mills is a provider with Peak ENT and Voice Center and sees patients at three convenient office locations around the Denver metro area, including Broomfield, Golden, and Brighton.

Benefits of Surgery

Benefits of sinus surgery include decreased severity and frequency of sinusitis symptoms, less reliance on potentially harmful medications such as antibiotics and steroids to control symptoms, improved productivity and overall improved quality of life. 

Many patients are apprehensive about surgery because of stories they have heard about surgery in the past. Newer techniques offer a shorter recovery and overall improved patient experience. 

Chronic Sinusitis

Affecting as much as 15% of the US population, this chronic inflammatory disorder of the sinuses causes persistent symptoms of thick nasal or postnasal drainage, nasal congestion or blockage, facial pressure, headaches, and decreased sense of smell. 

Other associated symptoms include fatigue, poor sleep quality, trouble concentrating, fullness or pain in the ears, and decreased productivity.


There are many factors that contribute to sinusitis, including abnormal anatomy, infection, allergies, immune system disorders, exposure to external toxins and irritants, and even genetic predisposition. The more factors that can be identified and treated, the better the chances for long term success in managing the disease. Dr. Mills appreciates that no two patients are completely alike, and will evaluate each individual accordingly.


Broomfield Office

403 Summit Blvd, Suite 204

Broomfield, CO 80021

Golden Office

1030 Johnson Road, Suite 350

Golden, CO 80401

Brighton Office

Platte Valley Medical Center

1606 Prairie Center Pkwy, Suite 370

Brighton, CO 80601

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